About Us

For over 40 years, Forté’s products and services have been primarily used in the service departments of new car dealerships and automotive garages. Over the last several years Forté has also developed products and equipment to service the needs of the heavy‐duty, commercial trucking industry.

All Forté products are formulated using the best chemical technologies available.  These formulations are periodically modified to accommodate the changes in fuel, engine oil, equipment and emission standards.  Forté specializes in providing high quality chemical technologies, along with the technical support needed for consumers to understand the delicate relationship between fluid performance (chemical engineering) and engine performance (mechanical engineering).

All Forté products are ensured to meet or exceed automotive OEM, and engine OEM specifications, as well as government emission standards, while ensuring zero negative wear effects on equipment.  This is accomplished by utilizing technologies made by the largest chemical companies in the world, who produce the best global technologies possible.

We will approach every customer as a potential lifetime business partner.  Providing business solutions that are profitable, that embrace honesty and concern for the customer, the environment and the final consumer.   If you would like to receive more information about Forté’s products please contact us today.