Several emission tests have been performed on various different vehicles, prior to using the Forté Premium ULS Diesel Booster ®. In some cases these trucks failed the Ontario Drive Clean SAE J1667 Snap Acceleration Emissions Inspection.

After failing these tests 1 litre of Forté Premium ULS Diesel Booster ® was introduced into the fuel tank and the trucks then idle for approx. 1.5 hours.  These trucks are then re-tested and in all cases they receive a pass.

In one trial, a Freightliner with a Detroit 60 engine went from an opacity Emissions reading of 45.9 to 1.2, this represents a 97% improvement.


Date: December 6, 2010

Vehicle Tested: Toyota Diesel 180Z Landcruiser with 1 hour of operation time.


  • CO level decreased by 24% from 207 to 158 PPM
  • NO level decreased by 10% from 305 to 274 PPM
  • NO2 level decreased by 33% from 77 to 52 PPM
  • NOx level decreased by 15% from 382 to 326 PPM


In November 2011, the Alberta Transportation Manager for Berry and Smith Trucking Ltd. started to experience an issue with his 2004 Duramax Diesel Pickup.  The information below explains how the Forté Premium ULS Diesel Booster ® solved his injector problems.

Dirty Injector

At the beginning of November my vehicle began to flutter.  On November 15, I took the truck to a Diesel Shop where I have my work done, the Service Manager put my truck on the meter, even though he could tell by the rattle that I had an injector going.

He explained that on these trucks injector pulse readings should be from +4 to -4 to be acceptable.  The #3 injector showed +5.6 and the #8 injector showed +4.2, all others were well within spec. His recommendation was that we replace injectors #3 and #8.  Fortunately, he could not take me right away, and I would have to wait about a week.

Clean InjectorOn my way back from the Shop I stopped at the Calgary Esso Truck Stop and purchased a Bottle of Forté.  The next day after having driven some 50 – 60 km. I noted that at lights the truck did not seem to flutter as bad, the smoke seemed to be significantly less and so I decided to retest the injectors.

I received a call from the Service Manager, asking what I had done because the #8 injector was now well within spec at -0.8 and that # 3 was at -2.7. All the other injectors showed similar results of being better with in the spec.

I explained to him about the Forté product and he was impressed.  My use of Forté directly saved me replacing an injector and about a half hour of shop labour for the repair of my truck. I attribute this to the Forté Diesel Booster.

emission test graph

In closing, I have to thank Forté for their Product which, unlike others out there, really does make a different.