Performance Products

Forté offers a full line of Performance Products. Feel free to browse our catalog by selecting a product. Learn more about Forté’s products and services by locating a distributor in your area.

Oil Products
Safely removes sludge and varnish deposits from the crankcase.
Boosts conventional motor oils to achieve Synthetic-like properties to improve performance, increase viscosity control and promote reduced emissions while minimizing sludge & wear in the engine.
Diesel Fuel Products
Improves fuel economy, increases overall engine performance augments proper exhaust functionality and minimizes engine wear.
Gasoline Products
Reduces carbon and varnish build-up, providing a cleaner more efficient running engine.
Improves fuel efficiency, cleans the fuel system, and removes moisture from fuel tanks to prevent corrosion.
Engineered to be a multi-faceted product, promoting cleaner emissions, restoring lost power and increasing fuel efficiency.
Safely cleans the air intake system, and removes varnish from throttle valves, throttle bodies and idle control valves
Transmission Products
A conditioner designed to reduce wear, extend the transmission life, revitalize seals and O rings.
Removes harmful varnish, sludge, and contaminated fluid from the entire transmission including valve body.
A conditioner designed to reduce wear, extend the transmission life, revitalize seals and O rings. Compatible with (WS) ATF
Provides improved wear protection against viscosity breakdown in high heat and high demand applications.
Cooling System Products
Cleans scale, rust, and silicates from the entire cooling system.
Stops scale and rust formation. Lubricates water pump seals and treats hard water for better coolant mix.
Power Steering Products
Stops leaks, reduces noise, wear, and grabbing when cornering.
Cleans and renews old, possibly contaminated lubricant for longer component life.
HVAC AC Purification Service
Improves the in car air quality and restores the HVAC system to its optimum operating condition by removing allergens, mold, and bacteria.
Aerosol Products
Powerful environmentally friendly quick drying cleaner that blasts away grease, oil and dirt.
A comprehensive friction-reducing, metal treating, universal lubricant for a variety of applications.

This Coolant Exchanger is an efficient tool for maximum coolant protection. The PREMIUM in fluid exchange machines.
Advanced technology for easy and accurate fluid exchange.
A Service where customers can see the fluid difference.
A fast and efficient versatile machine that connects to all diesel systems to thoroughly clean and eliminate EGR deposits.
Designed to clean the fuel system on diesel engines without mechanical strap-down of the injectors or the pump.
Deposite Control Station
Is a unique tool designed to clean the combustion chamber and fuel injection system of a vehicle.
” A tool that induces an atomized chemical spray into the DPF to remove soot and particulate matter from the filter.