Your investment in your new vehicle will give you the greatest return if properly maintained. MAINTENANCE is less expensive than the cost of fuel or insurance per kilometer. If regular maintenance is neglected, fuel consumption and repair costs increase dramatically, while engine efficiency decreases. By maintaining your vehicle regularly you will maximize your vehicle’s resale value and enjoy the peace of mind of having safe transportation.


of following a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule.

Protects your investment.

  • Prevents unexpected breakdowns and repair surprises.
  • Promotes higher resale value.

Optimizes safety, reliability and performance.

  • Reduces drive ability problems.
  • Assures prompt stop and go power.

Promotes better fuel efficiency.

  • Reduces gas expenses by giving more Kms/liter.

Promotes a cleaner environment.

  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Ensures warranty validation.

  • It is the obligation of the owner to ensure that the maintenance schedule is adhered to at the recommended intervals.