DFS 920 – Diesel EGR Service Machine

The DF920 is a multi use 3 in 1 workhorse complete with adapters for most diesel vehicles, Two fluid tanks & Powered by 12V DC and shop air.


Fuel System and Injector Service:

  • Allows for easy and complete cleaning of injectors and fuel system.
  • Applicable to all diesel vehicles including trucks and passenger cars.
  • Restores fuel economy.
  • Lowers exhaust opacity and harmful emissions.

EGR, Induction and Combustion Service:

  • A fast and efficient service to thoroughly clean and eliminate EGR deposits.
  • Removes carbon build up from the EGR cooler and induction system.
  • Avoid costly tear-down of EGR manifold system.
  • Avoid replacement of contaminated EGR cooler and valve.

Diesel Particulate Filter Service:

  • No need to replace ore remove the DPF filter.
  • A specially formulated product is sprayed through the intake or directly in the exhaust to completely clean the DPF filter.
  • No danger of knocking or run away engine.