Differential & Gear Treatment

Diff and Gear Treatment provides improved wear protection against viscosity breakdown in high heat and high demand applications.

Available in 1 litre. bottles and 125 mL bottles.


  • Improves performance levels of GL5 and MIL-PRF2105E lubricants.
  • Reduces gear box noise, heat and friction.
  • Delivers excellent shear stability and wear protection in differentials and gear box.
  • Improves fluidity in cold temperatures, increase lubricant film strength and lowers pour point.


  1. Differentials – Use 125 ml.
  2. Gearbox – For every litre of lubricant, use ¼ of Bottle.
  3. 1L treats 30-35 litres of Differential Oil.
  4. 1L treats 60-70 litres of Gearbox Oil.
  5. Not compatible with ATF fluids.
  6. For Transfer Case applications use only with 70 – 90 weight oils.