Gasoline Direct Injection and Combustion Chamber Service

Gasoline Direct Injection and Combustion Chamber Service  is designed to reduce carbon and varnish build up in the combustion chamber area of the engine, providing a cleaner more efficient running engine.

Available in 325 mL container.


  • Promotes stabilized compression, smoother idle and improved fuel economy by helping to clean the ignition area that if left untreated, will negatively impact the combustion process.
  • Helps decarbonize piston crowns and cylinder heads to remove knock (ping) and engine run-on.
  • Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and EGR valves.
  • Reduces hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions, and is specifically designed to help control and reduce intake valve deposits.
  • Cleans the combustion chamber area, reducing the need for higher-octane fuels.
  • Provides a superior anti oxidant and detergent package that reduces deposit and sludge buildup helping to solubilise the contaminants which are then expelled through the exhaust system.
  • EPA registered and approved


  1.  Add contents to the fuel tank.