Premium ULS Diesel Booster

Premium ULS Diesel Booster is a multipurpose diesel additive blended specifically to improve fuel economy, increase overall engine performance, augment proper exhaust functionality and minimize engine wear.

Available in 200 litre Drum, 20 litre pail, and 1 litre bottle.


  • Dramatically improves lubricity to provide increased power and enhanced fuel economy by using a non acidic Ester based lubricity performance modifier.
  • Extends Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) life and reduces untimely DPF regeneration cycles by minimizing soot and ash buildup in the exhaust system.
  • Contains fuel stabilizers to neutralize microbial growth within the fuel tank.
  • Utilizes advanced anti-oxidant technology to extend diesel fuel longevity by improving thermal and oxidative stability in all diesel types including bio-diesel.
  • Contains a cetane enhancer that boosts performance to provide a quicker burn and more complete combustion to reduce exhaust emissions.
  • The use of corrosion inhibitors helps to neutralize the acidic contaminants formed in the fuel combustion process.
  • Substantially reduces injector failures in all diesel engines by adding deposit control additives and detergents that improve diesel fuel quality and enhance injector deposit control.
  • Removes moisture from fuel tanks and storage tanks by using advanced surfactant technologies.
  • Provides superior anti-gelling performance to -50ᵒF when used with Winter Diesel.
  • EPA registered and approved
  1. Add contents to fuel tank.
  2.  To maximize benefits, 1 litre effectively treats 400 litres of diesel fuel.