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HORSEPOWER: A new 4020 is rated at 94.5 HP.  After a total running time of 120 minutes with Forté Premium ULS Diesel Booster ® in the fuel tank, the HP increased to 100 HP exceeding the manufacturers specifications rating for this vehicle.

RPM: With Forté we were able to apply more load to the engine before there was a drop in horsepower.

TEMPERATURE: Manifold temperature dropped – less friction and more power means Field Testing Tractor exampleengine doesn’t have to work as hard.

VIBRATION: This tractor began running smoother the moment that the tank was treated with Forté – more lubricity.

SMOKE/SMELL: There was a significant amount of smoke and noxious odour present when this tractor ran prior to treatment with Forté. The exhaust was noticeably clear and clean within 5 minutes of running with Diesel Booster in the fuel.

BLOW-BY: The crankcase vent tube was dripping oil and smoking prior to treatment with Forté.  There was noticeably less as the test progressed, to the point of almost no noticeable blow-by.