Cooling System Flush

Cooling System Flush safely removes rust and scale from the entire cooling system. When deposits form in the cooling system, the engine can lose its ability to effectively cool off.  Cooling System deposit buildup may restrict coolant flow and can cause the system to overheat.  New coolant will operate at its maximum potential when the cooling system has been completely cleaned providing the vehicle to efficiently operate at the designed temperature.

Available in 500 mL container


  • Restores the cooling system’s designated capacity, safeguarding against overheating, while maintaining proper coolant flow and heat transfer.
  • Protects and extends the cooling system life, allowing proper ambient temperature readings which contribute to better fuel economy and performance.


  1. Shake before using and add contents to the cooling system.
  2. Turn heater control to on and run engine at operational temperature for 10 minutes.
  3. Drain the cooling system until all of the old fluid is removed.
  4. Add coolant to the correct level and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for refill.
  5. Use Forté Cooling System Conditioner with the new coolant for maximum and protection.