Cooling System Conditioner

Cooling System Conditioner lubricates and protects the cooling system against corrosion by restoring the critical coolant balance and pH level.  A vehicle’s coolant can degrade over time creating an environment that is incapable of properly protecting the components in the cooling system.  As the coolant becomes more acidic, it becomes corrosive and if left untreated can create leaks and overheating within the cooling system.

Available in 500 mL container


  • Protects aluminum components from corrosion, electrolytic action and premature cavitation erosion.
  • Is compatible with most antifreeze/coolant solutions including long life ethylene glycol.
  • Stops scale and rust formation.
  • Contains high molecular weight water soluble polymers that lubricates the water pump seals and prevents premature water pump failure.
  • Contains pH indicators to signal acidity action in cooling system.
  • Meets and exceeds performance requirements of anti-corrosion tests of cast aluminum alloys in engine coolant operating under heat rejecting conditions.


  1. Shake before adding the contents to cooling system.